A Commitment to the Community


Our Goals

Admiral Capital Group was founded on David Robinson’s unwavering commitment to improving the communities where we work and live. Due in large part to the extraordinary commitment demonstrated by Mr. Robinson, Admiral Capital has formed various partnerships and initiatives to help accomplish the goal of making a positive social impact in addition to achieving above-market returns. These initiatives will continuously expand and evolve and they will remain an integral component of the Admiral Approach.

Carver Academy & IDEA Public Schools

In Partnership with IDEA Public Schools

The Carver Academy, named after George Washington Carver, was initially established as a faith-based private school by David Robinson, former NBA basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs, and his wife Valerie. The school served a socio-economically and culturally diverse student population, grades pre-kindergarten through sixth.

There was a strong emphasis not only on academic subjects but also on children’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs as well. The intention of the school was to develop a well-rounded child. The school’s mission statement read:

“The Carver Academy offers elementary-age children a challenging academic program featuring small classes, leadership opportunities, and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian scripture. Graduates of The Carver Academy will be prepared for success in the nation’s most competitive high schools and will display the highest levels of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity. The Carver Academy welcomes all children regardless of race, creed or financial status.”

In 2012, the Carver Academy converted to a tuition-free, charter school as part of the IDEA Public Schools network. The partnership has expanded to 20 schools and 10,000 students across San Antonio. Our goal is to double number of low income students in San Antonio going to college.

When Carver became a charter school, we established Friends of Carver/IDEA as a supporting organization of the San Antonio Area Foundation in 2014. Its mission is to assist with scholarships primarily to the Friends of the Carver/IDEA Academy students as well as funding for organizations that will sustain and elevate educational standards, reduce the number of students who fail to graduate from high school, and to increase the number of high school graduates who are prepared to enter college.

Click here for more information on Friends of the Carver/IDEA.

Click here for more information on IDEA Public Schools.

San Antonio Entrepreneurship

In Partnership with Santikos Entertainment

Santikos and Admiral Capital Group have partnered with two goals in mind:

  1. Foster an “Spirit of Entrepreneurship” in the city’s youth – Create a sense of purpose and ownership along with exposure to business fundamentals.
  2. Supporting entrepreneurs starting and building businesses in the San Antonio area.

As a launch of the initiative, Santikos and Admiral Capital became title sponsors of San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week which was November 13 – 17th, 2017.

We’ve partnered with Erika Prosper, the first lady of San Antonio and chair of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and HEB to create a self-guided curriculum and program for parents to teach the “Spirit of Entrepreneurship” to their children.

  • Developed a 52-week-formatted online workbook
  • Trainings to teach Master Trainers across the community
  • Community parent workshops to teach parents live as well as Master Trainers
  • Launched in summer of 2018
  • At least 1,000 parents actively taught/trained from May 2018-December 2019
  • At least 5,000 online visitors to curriculum page/downloads.

Download the curriculum here.

Coming soon Venture of America San Antonio.

Admiral Hospitality Scholars

In Partnership with Houston ISD, Hilton Worldwide, and University of Houston​

The Admiral Hospitality Scholars program serves as an opportunity to expose Houston area students to the hospitality industry. The program will also serve to assist students in the college enrollment process by holding application workshops, tours of the Hilton College and Houston Community College, and assisting students with the financial aid process.

The goal of the program is to provide students from low socio-economic backgrounds the exposure to learn about opportunities they may have in the hospitality industry and to create a pathway to a long lasting career in the industry.

  • Three year immersive program starting at the end of students’ freshman year of high school
  • 3-day hospitality immersion camp at University of Houston
  • Provides hands-on experience, career path, and scholarship support

Student testimonials:

“I highly appreciate the opportunities you gave my peers and I in the hospitality industry. This experience has opened my eyes in hospitality and made me completely appreciate the individuals that work in this industry such as waitresses/waiters, dishwashers, managers, etc. To be honest, the whole process of making a ‘mission statement’ hit me in the heart in a different way. I could apply that to my every day life, not just the hospitality process.” -Gabriella

“These opportunities that you have created are amazing. As a young adult, I understand that getting a step in the door is hard, but through this program I have met so many wonderful people who can open doors in this industry… From your actions you are a faithful person and for you to put your faith in us as young adults inspires more faith. I thank you for all that you have done. With that being said, I will take every experience, opportunity and piece of knowledge that has come out of this program and use them on my path through the hospitality industry.” -Jasmine